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The last few months have been extremely busy. I had my first exhibition in Showcase at the RDS in Dublin Ireland. Showcase is one of Ireland’s best shows if you are looking to launch product. It was an amazing experience. This is only the beginning of my NiamhDesignStudio label. My aim is to create beautiful bright pieces for your home. Not only Aesthetically pleasing to the eye but pieces that have a story to them and personality. ”Art To make you SMILE” Under the NiamhDesignStudio brand will be my sub-brand collections. The first two collections I was debuting were ” The Kishi Girls” and ”The Grace O Malley” collections. I started with the Japanese collection ”The Kishi Girls” as growing up I have always been inspired by Japanese culture and design. The beautiful femine elegance always had such a deep impact on me.


Most buyers coming to Showcase look for Irish designs. I wanted to create an Irish collection based on Irish history so I chose the theme Grace O Malley. She was one of the most powerful female pirates of the 16th century in Ireland. It is a story of female empowerment. She was never defeated or conquered letting nothing stand in her way. Arising to any challange, a true warrior. Grace commanded her own fleet of ships befriending Queen Elizabeth on her way. After her death she became an Irish folk hero of almost legendary status. Sometimes known as the Sea Queen of Connaught. It was a challange to have everything ready on time for Showcase and I just had to learn as I go but I learned alot in a short space of time. It was very exciting working on new product development. Seeing it all come together in the end was great. Having the end products in my hand. What started off with an idea, then a sketch was now something real and tangible.

Wallpaper_1I also made some great contacts at the show, fellow exhibitiors were so kind and sharing. I met alot of buyers and it was invaluable to meet them face to face and discuss the product. It really is a good idea to go to these shows and test the market and gage customers reactions. I was trilled with the reactions I got. I still have a way to go but then again does it ever stop? I feel once you reach new heights suddenly the heights change and you are reaching to become even more then before. I don’t think we ever stop growing and learning. That is what I love about this business. You can use your creativity in so many ways, the list is endless. I LOVE my job. The world really would be a dull place without pattern and colour. If we can make our homes more beautiful with patterns telling a story, therefore making it a happier place full of wonderment to live in, then my job is done! Details will be provided shortly on where to buy or get in touch to pre-order 🙂

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